Manage your hotel easily and efficiently with the LT560H series, featuring Pro:Centric and Pro:Idiom enabling users to easily configure and/or update guest room TVs via a centralized management system. The LT560H series also delivers crisp, clear images through energy-efficient LED technology, improving the guest room experience.

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Welcome Video / Screen

With the capability to display several images, Commercial Lite TVs allow for a greater variation of greeting messages in hotel rooms which make customers feel more welcome and cared for.

USB Cloning

USB data cloning makes setting up multiple displays more efficient for optimal operation. Instead of setting up each display one by one, data can be copied to a USB for one display and can be sent to the other displays via USB plug-in.

Self Diagnostics via USB

Enables service engineers to recognize technical issues in a TV quickly and easily through a USB. The TV stores any technical issues encountered and can output them to a USB device. Service engineers use this information to analyze technical issues without the actual TV.


Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology provides access to premium content to help assure rapid and broad deployment of HDTV and other high-value digital content.

Pro:Centric Value TV for Hospitality with Integrated Pro:Idoim

The LT560H Series features reliable FHD resolution that creates crystal clear pictures. It has LG Pro:Centric technology, which offers easy tools for partners to create interactive applications with increased visual appeal. These features enable delivery of a wide range of unique experiences tailored to both hotel management and guests’ needs.

Multi languages

39 languages including Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi, and language alignment are supported, making your guest’s stay a more comfortable one.

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Available Sizes

32" (124.46 cm), 43" (124.46 cm)


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