Global Leader In In-Room Guest Experience

Moviebeam is a global leader in interactive television services, over-the-top applications & video on demand, and offers a cutting edge in-room residential experience solution to the global hospitality industry.

Moviebeam Service Features

In-room Dining

Guests can instantly order food and beverages directly through the TV.

Virtual Concierge

Guests can book spa appointments, send valet & housekeeping requests, and more.

Customizable User Interface

Moviebeam’s in-house UI customization team lets you combine videos, photos, text & more for a unique in-room entertainment experience.

Chromecast Integration

Enable your guests to securely stream their favorite content from 2000+ apps to the hotel room TV just like at home.

Pay Per View & Video On Demand

Moviebeam offers free and pay-per-view blockbuster movies to your guest.

Content Streaming

Access major content streaming providers without using a mobile device. Guests can easily log into their accounts safely.

Local AD Revenue

Earn revenue through advertising from local restraunts on moviebeam food delivery app

Express Billing & Check-Out

Enables guests to check-out of the room directly through TV


We are committed to giving the hospitality community a reliable and long term solution as we look towards the now and future. Our partnership with our clients and vendors is an invaluable piece to our growth in creating innovative and affordable solutions for the industry. We will continue to devote our resources to give you the necessary tools to make your brand prosperous in the many years to come.

Easy UI Customization

Moviebeam’s in-house UI customization team lets you combine videos, photos, text & more for a unique in-room entertainment experience.

24×7 Support

Our multi-tiered, multilingual global technical support team is available 24 x 7 x 365 to assist your guests & staff.

Branded Welcome Screen

Moviebeam enables hotels to customize guest room TVs by controlling the brand messaging on screen.


Moviebeam is customized for each individual property and seamlessly integrates with your Property Management System (PMS) or Point of Sale (POS).

Benefits to Hotels

Improved Guest Revenue

Moviebeam’s interactive guest services app helps hotel owners increase their revenue per guest


Create a command center to access all the room settings: temperature control, lighting and curtains. Integrate the entire room experience within a central hub.

Gen 4 Chromecast

Guest can experience the entire Moviebeam platform wirelessly without the use of coaxial or CAT 5/6 cabling in the guest rooms.

Booking Reservations

Easily access information or use a QR code for paid amenities and restaurant menus. Increased marketing can lead to more bookings and more revenue.

Compatible with OS & TV

Our Android TV platform is compatible with the use of commercial grade LG, Samsung, and Philips smart TVs (no box required) or standard HDTVs (additional equipment required).

Pro:idiom Set-Top Box

Moviebeam offers guests a residential UHD & HD interactive experience with Ultra High Definition Pro:idiom decryption

Hotel Promotion

Add alternative revenue to the bottom line by increasing visibility on paid amenities, restaurant specials and special events.

Calculate your ROI with Moviebeam

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Earn up to $129,240 /year

Increase revenue of paid amenities

Add more revenue with in-room dining options

Earn commissions on affiliate links and promo codes

Earn up to /year