Elevating the In-Room Stay at Magic Castle Hotel with Moviebeam

Magic Castle Hotel has implemented Moviebeam Premium Solution along with Casting to improve the in-room guest experience of the Hotel

Magic Castle is one of the luxurious hotels at 7025 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA. 90028., surrounded by entertainment, food and shopping. The hotel is an esteemed establishment known for its exceptional hospitality and commitment to providing an unforgettable stay for its guests. This experience has further been enhanced by the addition of Moviebeam’s cutting-edge in-room guest experience solution. Sure to say, Magic Castle Hotel continues to elevate its reputation as a premier destination for travelers.

Moviebeam’s Premium in-room guest experience solution and the casting device help Magic Castle to offer guests the possibility to watch their favorite content anytime by just connecting their phone with the TV screen through casting. Also, it helps guests in availing multiple guest features which in return helps Magic Castle to offer the in-room guest experience at its best.

Engage, Inform and Entertain Guests

With Moviebeam’s Premium in-room guest experience solution, It has become easy for Magic Castle to meet guest expectations by delivering interactive services, concierge information, on-page demand, streaming apps, casting, and many other guest features.

The in-room guest experience allows the hotel to promote its services, provide optimum guest experience, and reduce operational costs.

Increase in positive reviews with a streamlined casting experience

Moviebeam’s casting solution helps Magic Castle to boost guest ratings by increasing positive reviews with a streamlined casting experience. Guests can watch any content they want to just by connecting their phone to the TV screen with Moviebeam casting.

24/7 Technical Support

With a specialized support team, Moviebeam provides 24/7 technical support to Magic Castle for any casting or other technical issues.

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