Upgrading the In-Room Guest Experience at Covington Hotel with Moviebeam

Covington Hotel Installs Moviebeam Solution with Casting for the New-Age In-Room Guest Experience

Covington Hotel, situated at 638 MADISON AVE, COVINGTON, KY 41011, is proud to introduce the next-level in-room guest experience by implementing the innovative Moviebeam Solution and Casting. With a focus on guest satisfaction and exceptional hospitality, Covington Hotel enhances the stay of its guests with cutting-edge technology.

By integrating Moviebeam’s in-room guest experience solution and seamless casting device, Covington Hotel offers guests unparalleled convenience and entertainment options throughout their stay. Through Casting, guests can effortlessly connect their mobile devices to the TV screen, granting them access to a wide range of entertainment choices. This groundbreaking solution ensures that guests enjoy a multitude of features, resulting in an unmatched in-room experience at Covington Hotel.

Engage, Inform and Entertain Guests

Engaging, informing, and entertaining guests is effortless with Moviebeam’s in-room guest experience solution. It provides interactive services, convenient access to concierge information, video on demand (VOD), popular streaming apps, seamless casting, and various other guest features. This extensive in-room guest experience enables the hotel to showcase its services, improve guest satisfaction, and boost operational efficiency in an effective way.

Moreover, Moviebeam’s casting solution plays a vital role in elevating guest ratings and getting positive testimonials and reviews. With a seamless casting experience, guests can conveniently enjoy their preferred content on the large TV screen, resulting in an unforgettable and personalized stay at Covington Hotel.

Dedicated 24/7 Technical Support

To ensure a hassle-free service, Moviebeam offers Covington Hotel a dedicated support team available round-the-clock. This technical support guarantees the prompt resolution of any casting or other technical issues, ensuring a seamless and amazing guest experience.
The Moviebeam Solution with Casting creates a truly immersive and personalized in-room guest experience. Guests can now enjoy the convenience of accessing their favorite content and indulge in a memorable stay at one of Covington’s finest hotels.

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