Enhancing the In-Room Guest Experience at Blue Harbor Hotel with Moviebeam

Blue Harbor Hotel Unveils Enhanced In-Room Guest Experience with Moviebeam Premium Solution and Casting

Blue Harbor Hotel, nestled at 725 Blue Harbor Dr, Sheboygan, WI 53081, invites guests to indulge in a new level of luxury and convenience with the implementation of Moviebeam Premium Solution along with Casting. As a premier destination renowned for its exceptional hospitality, Blue Harbor Hotel continues to elevate its reputation by introducing cutting-edge technology to enhance the in-room guest experience.

Moviebeam’s premium in-room guest experience solution, combined with the state-of-the-art casting device, empowers Blue Harbor Hotel to offer guests the flexibility to enjoy their favorite content at any time. By simply connecting their mobile devices to the TV screen through Casting, guests can access a world of entertainment options. Additionally, this innovative solution enables guests to benefit from multiple guest features, ensuring Blue Harbor Hotel delivers an unmatched in-room experience.

Engage, Inform, and Entertain Guests:

With Moviebeam’s Premium in-room guest experience solution, Blue Harbor Hotel effortlessly meets guest expectations by providing interactive services, convenient access to concierge information, VOD, popular streaming apps, seamless casting, and an array of other guest features. This comprehensive in-room guest experience empowers the hotel to effectively promote its services, enhance guest satisfaction, and optimize operational efficiency.

Drive Revenue and Enhance Reviews

Moreover, Moviebeam’s Premium in-room guest experience solution enables Blue Harbor Hotel to generate additional revenue streams. The hotel benefits from a 20% share of Hollywood movies on a pay-per-view basis and enjoys 100% revenue from the adult catalog, resulting in enhanced financial performance.

Furthermore, Moviebeam’s casting solution plays a pivotal role in elevating guest ratings and garnering positive reviews. With a streamlined casting experience, guests can effortlessly enjoy their preferred content on the TV screen, ensuring a memorable and personalized stay at Blue Harbor Hotel.

Dedicated 24/7 Technical Support

To provide seamless service, Moviebeam offers Blue Harbor Hotel a dedicated support team available 24/7. This technical support ensures swift resolution of any casting or other technical issues, guaranteeing an uninterrupted and exceptional guest experience.

Moviebeam is proud to install its Premium Solution and Casting at Blue Harbor, creating a truly immersive and personalized in-room guest experience. Guests can now enjoy the convenience of accessing their favorite content and indulge in a memorable stay at one of Sheboygan’s finest luxury hotels.

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