The 75UT770H is a 75” slim UHD Smart TV with LG’s Pro:Centric® Hotel Management Solution software and NanoCell Display.

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What is NanoCell TV?

LG NanoCell displays incorporate nano-sized material with LG’sIPS panel technology. The nano-sized material is combined witha polarizer to produce a wide color gamut and express vivid,accurate colors, while maintaining LG’s industry-leading 178°IPS viewing angles.

Nano Color (Ultra Vivid)

NanoCell technology uses nano (approximately 1nm) particlesto absorb certain wavelengths, enhancing the purity of thecolor of the screen while expanding the overall color gamut.Other small-particle technologies use materials comprised of3x to 6x larger particles, which do not approach the advancedcomposition of our NanoCell material.

Nano Bezel (Cinema Screen)

LG NanoCell TVs have significantly reduced the bezel thicknessof the top, left and right sides. With bezel measurements of5mm (or less) occupying less than one percent of the totalviewing area, NanoCell TVs create much more immersiveviewing experiences compared to typical TVs of the samescreen size.

Nano Thickness (Slim Design)

LG NanoCell TVs are significantly more sleek, due to areduction in overall thickness, which creates a much moresophisticated appearance. This slim, modern design is yetanother benefit of LG IPS panels with NanoCell technology

Pro:Centric Direct

LG’s Pro:Centric Direct Application enhances the in-roomtelevision experience for hotel guests. Guests can locate andenjoy available TV channels or access a wide range of overthe-top smart apps, check on the daily weather and reviewavailable hotel amenities—all from the comfort of their room.


Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology provides accessto premium content to help assure rapid and broad deploymentof HDTV and other high-value digital content.

Screen Share

Connect a smart phone or a laptop PC to the TV via a wirelessconnection. The TV will display the device’s screen so guests canview and share their content and memories together

Bluetooth Sound Sync

Bluetooth Sound Sync enables users to listen to music playingon a mobile device* through the TV’s speakers via Bluetooth connection.

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Available Sizes

49" (124.46 cm), 55" (124.46 cm), 65" (124.46 cm), 75" (124.46 cm)


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