The UT347H commercial TV series helps hotels effectively manage TV while supporting UHD/4K resolution. It not only delivers vibrant color and lifelike accuracy thanks to NanoCell Display, but also provides essential commercial features, which improve hotel management capabilities and viewing experience of your guests.

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What is NanoCell TV?

LG NanoCell displays incorporate nano-sized material with LG’sIPS panel technology. The nano-sized material is combined witha polarizer to produce a wide color gamut and express vivid,accurate colors, while maintaining LG’s industry-leading 178°IPS viewing angles.

Nano Color (Ultra Vivid)

NanoCell technology uses nano (approximately 1nm) particlesto absorb certain wavelengths, enhancing the purity of thecolor of the screen while expanding the overall color gamut.Other small-particle technologies use materials comprised of3x to 6x larger particles, which do not approach the advancedcomposition of our NanoCell material.

Nano Bezel (Cinema Screen)

LG NanoCell TVs have significantly reduced the bezel thicknessof the top, left and right sides. With bezel measurements of5mm (or less) occupying less than one percent of the totalviewing area, NanoCell TVs create much more immersiveviewing experiences compared to typical TVs of the samescreen size.

Nano Thickness (Slim Design)

LG NanoCell TVs are significantly more sleek, due to areduction in overall thickness, which creates a much moresophisticated appearance. This slim, modern design is yetanother benefit of LG IPS panels with NanoCell technology.

External Speaker Out

Enhance the entertainment experience with an additionalspeaker (sold separately). Guests can listen to the TV audiofrom other rooms within their suite, not only the room wherethe TV is located.

IR Pass Through and Control

The UT347H supports both RS-232/TLM and the new MPIbased External Control Interface (ECI) for external set topbox control of the TV and IR Pass Through. This featureprovides an integrated two-piece solution using one guestremote control.

Public Display Mode

From channel selection to volume level, you can control theTV settings in your hotel’s common areas. Public DisplayMode also enables restoration of your hotel’s default settingson the TVs when required.

Multi-code IR

Multi-code IR* function eliminates any remote controlsignal interference between TVs in rooms with multiple TVsinstalled.

USB Data Cloning

For fast and easy configuration of multiple TVs, create aMaster TV Setup on one TV and then export the setup “clone”file to a USB memory device. Use the USB device to easilyimport the setup to other TVs of the same model.

Lock Mode

Lock Mode blocks external input signals with non-compliantcontent. This useful feature prevents the misuse of TVs inpublic spaces.

Self Diagnostics via USB

The UT347H TV Series stores 24-hour diagnostic data,which can be saved to a USB memory device, enabling serviceengineers to identify technical issues quickly and easily.

Ultra HD (4K) Resolution

UHD delivers a resolution four times higher than that of FullHD, creating a more realistic and immersive television viewingexperience. The stunning 8.3 million pixels create flawlessimages with incredibly vivid detail.

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49" (124.46 cm), 55" (124.46 cm), 65" (124.46 cm)


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