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Moviebeam In-room Residential Experience Free to Guest

Moviebeam In-room Residential Experience Guest Services Program Guide

Interactive Free-to-guest (FTG)

Moviebeam understands that your guests expect nothing less than a residential HD interactive experience.

The Moviebeam system comes standard with Pro:Idiom decryption; eliminating the need to purchase expensive Pro:Idiom Hotel TVs. Moviebeam enables hotels to customize guest-room TVs by controlling the brand messaging on the screen.

Our service comes standard with a custom-branded welcome page, channel banner, and interactive program guide with licensed guide data for all North American content providers. Additionally, weather, news, and flight updates are included as part of our standard offering.

Moviebeam’s in-house UI customization team allows you to combine videos, photos, graphics, text and more for a truly unique in-room entertainment experience.

Standard Features Include:

  • Pro:Idiom Decryption
  • Interactive Program Guide
  • Welcome Screen/Menu
  • Multi-Brand Standard Compliant
  • Channel Banners
  • 1 House Channel
  • Brand Standard Themes
  • Hotel Compendium
  • Monitoring 24X7, 365 days
  • Weather Updates
  • Flight Updates
  • News & Current Events
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Over-the-Top (OTT) Services

Moviebeam offers the hospitality industry’s most advanced Over-The-Top content and entertainment solution.

Guests can stream any content from their personal devices to the TV seamlessly similar to Chromecast and Airplay. Moviebeam also provides a selection of audio and video streaming APPs including YouTube, Crackle, Rhapsody, etc. for those guests who do not have access to their personal streaming video and audio accounts directly. Moviebeam’s OTT service is network agnostic and can be delivered over IP, Co-ax, or wirelessly.

  • Web Browsing
  • Internet Radio
  • YouTube
  • AccuWeather
  • Flight Updates
  • World and Local News – Associated Press
  • Arirang TV
  • Crackle, Rhapsody
  • Netflix – As available
  • Pandora – As available
  • Hulu – As available
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Moviebeam In-room Residential Experience Hotel Services

Moviebeam In-room Residential Experience Local Attractions Services

Moviebeam In-room Residential Experience Guest Services

Interactive Guest Services

Increase your revenue with Moviebeam’s interactive guest services.

This service is the whole nine yards with all the bells and whistles of every feature we offer for the ultimate guest experience. In addition to our OTT and FTG features, this service also comes with top-of-the-line box office hits available to your guests on-demand. Your guests can choose from up to 150 movies with the press of a button. Selections include latest Hollywood Pay-Per-View movies, Adult Features and free blockbuster movies making your guest’s stay that much more memorable.


  • FTG – Services
  • OTT Services
  • Screen Share for guest streaming of content from phone / tablet (Netflix, HBOGO, HULU, etc.)
  • In-room Dining
  • Express Check-out
  • Hotel Services – Promote all your hotel services digitally and save costs. Section allows the owner to showcase all In-house services and amenities including room service menus, restaurant promotions, spa deals, breakfast timings, business center and conference facilities, swimming pool and gym timings, etc (Up to 50 categories)
  • Local Attractions – Whether your guests want to order pizza delivery, go to a local bar, or visit other local attractions, Moviebeam’s local attraction menu provides your Guests with a digital concierge service. This unique service benefits you through sellable on-screen real estate. Visit Moviebeam Virtual Demo for a representation.
  • Earn attractive revenues on Hollywood PPV movies.
  • Set your own price for Adult Features and earn 100% of the revenues.
  • Offer Free Blockbuster Movies to enrich your guest experience.
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Moviebeam In-room Residential Experience Guest Services